Finlay Mowat (fin)

engineer - producer - musician

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Finlay Mowat is Scottish Sound Engineer/Producer/Sound Designer/Musician based in Edinburgh.

With a first class honours in Popular Music from Edinburgh Napier University, he offers a range of audio services, most notably; Mixing, Mastering, Production, Podcast Editing and Sound Design. 

Notable Projects: 

- The Yikes Podcast (Podcast Editing)

- Glasgow Film Festival (Production + Sound Design)

- the sky is looking nice: debut EP (Production + Mixing)

how to get in touch 




sound/mix engineering

the YIKES podcast

Gaining over one hundred thousand streams within it’s first two seasons,‘The YIKES Podcast’ is quickly evolving into an essential podcast for those in the activism, anti-racism and sustainability communities. It was Spotify’s 56th most popular Society and Culture podcast in 2020!

Engineering: Recording setup (both in-person and remotely), vocal processing, mixing/mastering for commercial platforms.

Production: Soundtrack, jingles and interludes.

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