Finlay Mowat (fin)

engineer - producer - musician

Portfolio 2022

Finlay Mowat is Scottish Sound Engineer/Producer/Sound Designer/Musician based in Edinburgh.

With a first class honours in Popular Music from Edinburgh Napier University, he offers a range of audio services including:

Mixing, Mastering, Production, Podcast Editing and Sound Design.


Here are a few past projects I’ve worked on:

Glasgow Film Festival Trailer (Production)

Through teaming up with Glasgow design agency, ‘O Street’, I made the promo music for the 2021 and 2022 Glasgow Film Festivals. This track was made with a back and forth collaboration with O Street, focusing on foley cinema sound FX, an energetic vibe and punchy drums.


Green & Blacks x Everyman Cinemas - ‘The Flavour of Film’ (Production + Mix/Master)

Again, teaming up with the guys at O Street, I produced a short bespoke track to accompany the recent Everyman and Green & Black’s ‘Flavour of Film’ collaboration. Green & Blacks aimed to capture the tone of their TV commercial, featuring music from M.I.A, thereby allowing me to create something pacy and dramatic.

Cake Stuff Commercial (Foley FX Sound Design)

In collaboration with Jonny Mowat, I provided the foley sound FX for Cake Stuff’s social media advert. To accompany the existing soundtrack, the foley elements added to the ‘journey’ aspect of the animation.   

Here is variety of current production examples:


I edit, mix and produce all the audio content on the Yikes Podcast and Periphery Podcast. 

The Yikes Podcast

- 3 seasons 

- 350k streams 

- Guests include:

        -Hassan Akkad (Exodus: Our Journey to Europe)
        -Layla Saad (Me and White Supremacy)
        -Leah Thomas (Intersectional Environmentalist)

- Winner of Creative Impact Co ‘Best Podcast’ Award 2021

Music Examples




The Periphery Podcast

- 1 season 

- Ranked in Top 20 Technology Podcasts in Asia

- Guests include:

        -Bill Kovacic (Former Federal Trade Commission Chairman)
        -Mike Olson (Cloudera CEO)
        -Cuy Sheffield (Head of Crypto at VISA)


‘the sky is looking nice’ - Debut E.P                                 

artwork by Jonny Mowat


how to get in touch 




the sky is looking nice

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