Finlay Mowat (fin)

engineer - producer - musician

Portfolio 2022

Finlay Mowat is Scottish Sound Engineer/Producer/Sound Designer/Musician based in Edinburgh.

With a first class honours in Popular Music from Edinburgh Napier University, he offers a range of audio services including:

Mixing, Mastering, Production, Podcast Editing and Sound Design.


Here are a few past projects I’ve worked on:

Panini Football Stickers Advert 2022/23 


SumUp x VISA World Cup 2022


Cub Animation Studio Showreel


Glasgow Film Festival Trailer


Green & Blacks x Everyman Cinemas - ‘The Flavour of Film’ 


Here is variety of current production examples:


I edit, mix and produce all the audio content on the Yikes Podcast and Periphery Podcast. 

The Yikes Podcast

- 3 seasons 

- 350k streams 

- Guests include:

        -Hassan Akkad (Exodus: Our Journey to Europe)
        -Layla Saad (Me and White Supremacy)
        -Leah Thomas (Intersectional Environmentalist)

- Winner of Creative Impact Co ‘Best Podcast’ Award 2021

Music Examples




The Periphery Podcast

- 1 season 

- Ranked in Top 20 Technology Podcasts in Asia

- Guests include:

        -Bill Kovacic (Former Federal Trade Commission Chairman)
        -Mike Olson (Cloudera CEO)
        -Cuy Sheffield (Head of Crypto at VISA)


‘the sky is looking nice’ - Debut E.P                                 

artwork by Jonny Mowat


how to get in touch 




the sky is looking nice

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